About Programmed Waifu

My whole life was Unlimited Bread Works.

Programmed Waifu is an unofficial, fan-created, non-profit network for people who love baking toast, run for the benefit of players across the world.

  • We are non-profit by nature - the network is completely, 100%, free to join and participate in for both bakery owners and consumers, and we will never charge any fees.

The bakery provides the confectionaries and the ingredients - we provide the network - the player enjoys the fine, soft taste.

Programmed Waifu offers both you and your friends a number of significant benefits to eating alone, including:

  • Score and progress persistence for each piece of toast you eat!
  • Customisation options, including allowing you to share your greatest recipes.
  • Detailed bakery tracking via our responsive web interface, so your bakers can see their improvement (and their rivals as well!)
  • A useful dashboard exclusively for pastry-station operators with information like regular players, food inventory counts, and more.